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Food For Fat Loss Tips

Food for Fat Loss Tips: Struggling with your diet? Give these suggestions a try…
Food for Fat Loss Tips

    Lots of people worry too much about going ‘on a diet’. I hate that word- it implies months of eating lettuce and vegetables, drinking nothing but water and avoiding every treat known to man. It needn’t be like that. First of all establish want you want to achieve from your diet and exercise plan- a six pack or just a slight bit of fat loss?
    The truth is, most diets fail because they are far too restrictive- if you turn into a food Nazi and ban all of your ‘treat’ foods, you are destined to fail. I have seen it countless times. On a new healthy eating regime, people are full of good intention at first, but like a firework, after an impressive explosive start it quickly fizzles into nothing.
    Next thing you know you are knee-deep in crisp packets and takeaway trays, sobbing at your guilt and complaining at how hard it is to stick to a diet.
    The good news is that it doesn’t have to be like that. I am not going to lie to you- you will get out of a diet and exercise regime exactly what you put in. What I mean by this is that if you want to achieve amazing results, you will have to work very hard and be very careful over what you feed your face with. If however you simply want to shed a bit of blubber, it needn’t be hell on earth. Being careful from a nutritional perspective and maintaining a suitable exercise regime over a period of time will be far more beneficial than a 3 week crash diet you read in a magazine, where you survive on a tomato and a cup of water per day.
    To start with, try and find health options to your usual snacks. Obviously in some cases (chocolate) this is pretty much impossible, but bear in mind if you want to change something, you cant keep the same eating and exercise habits- some things have to change, otherwise you will stay the same size and shape you are, which is not what being healthy is all about!
    Here are 20 quick tips you can start implementing today- no excuses. I am not listening…

·Instead of chips, try some homemade wedges.
·Instead of ice cream, try some fresh fruit sorbet.
·Replace crisps and dips with cottage cheese and vegetable slices.
·After it has been cooked, remove all fat from your meat- you won’t notice it has gone, but will have saved a bunch of calories!
·Replace sugar with a sweetener.
·Where possible, use Ryvita instead of bread.
·Avoid butter or margarine- use quark or low calorie sauces instead.
·Drink lots of water- it has zero calories and fills up space in your stomach!
·Replace fizzy drinks with weak squash.
·Start your day with Wholewheat or natural cereals.
·Try grilling, baking or steaming instead of roasting and frying.
·Try and ensure at least a third of your plate consists of fresh vegetables.
·A good alternative to tea is fresh mint leaves in boiling water.
·Try sweetening food and hot drinks with a drizzle of honey rather than sugar.
·Opt for Wholewheat pasta, brown rice and Wholemeal bread over their white varieties.
·A fruit smoothie with ice is far better in taste and health benefit than fruit juices from concentrates.
·Switch wine and beer for Gin and Slimline tonic, or Vodka and Diet Coke.
·Use a smaller plate- it can hold less food!
·Season with pepper and herbs, rather than salt.
·Add berries instead of sugar to cereals for sweetness- more fibre and vitamins too!

    This is to start you off. It is all common sense- in the early stages; it is better to ease yourself into a healthy eating plan than going for broke. You will adapt better if you implement changes gradually. You don’t go from doing nothing to running a marathon in a couple of weeks- why would you be able to do the same when it comes to dieting? As I said before, if you go to hard too soon, you will fail spectacularly.
    Learn to Cook
    When trying to lose fat, the ability to cook is a massive advantage. I don’t mean you have to become a Michelin-starred chef, I just mean you need to have a basic ability to produce something edible without burning the house down or giving yourself explosive diarrhoea.
    If you can cook pretty well, you have so many more options available to you when it comes to your nutrition. You can take existing recipes and tweak them to make them healthier and lower in calories. It is not difficult to do, it just requires a bit of understanding of calories. You can take typically ‘boring’ meals and improve them- making your diet really enjoyable.
    A basic understanding and practical knowledge of grilling, dry-frying, baking, boiling, poaching, steaming and simmering are very useful when it comes to healthy cooking. Try to use produce that is as fresh, as local and as natural as possible. In the trade this is called ‘eating clean’. Essentially, eating clean means anything that does not come from a packet. If it is real, unprocessed meat, vegetables or rice, beans and pulses, it is clean. A good rule of thumb is that if it comes from a packet with a cartoon animal, child or old lady on it, its not ‘clean’!
    As I keep saying, a diet is not about starving or living off rabbit food- it is about making wise choices that are lower in calories than usual. It will be worth it when you start to drop the fat!
    Where now?
    By implementing a few changes, you are likely to have lost a bit of weight and have made changes to your shape. If this has been easy enough, you can make progress to the next step, which is working out your calorie requirements and a suitable exercise plan. This is where you will really start to notice dramatic changes- you will literally see your body transform. You have to be stricter, but it wont be impossible! You know you can do it, after having already introduced changes to your eating. Now you will simply tighten these up and combine it with proper training.
    Onwards to working out your calorie requirements….

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