What is it, and more importantly what can be done to get rid of it?!

    Cellulite is the cause of much stress and concern for millions of women around the globe. A whole cosmetic industry has grown around treatment of cellulite- where there is a problem; many people seem to think there is a cure. Luckily for the cosmetic industry there are plenty of women who are willing to spend lots of money on the latest wonder-treatment to get rid of their cellulite!
    This article will look at the questions of many suffers… What is it? What causes it? How can it be treated? But most importantly, do any of these treatments work?!
    What is Cellulite?
    Cellulite is a dimpled texture to the skin, and is usually found is specific areas- especially around the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. It is characterised by inconsistent dimples and lumps in the skin. In severe cases, cellulite has been known to cause considerable pain and damage to the skin elasticity, causing extreme stretch marks and in some cases, discolouration of the tissues.
    Cellulite is a combination of excess fat stored in certain areas; a lack of fluid drainage and poor circulation. If these factors accumulate in particular areas it can lead to the health of the skin suffering, leaving an unsightly dimpled texture.

    What Causes Cellulite?

    Most of the research suggests that cellulite has a strong hereditary element, suggesting that much of the problem lies in your genes. Genetic factors aside, the usual suspects are known to be a cause of cellulite. Smoking, excess alcohol, junk food, drugs, caffeine etc. By constantly filling your body with toxins you are making removal of these products difficult. A diet high in salt and lacking in fibre also shows strong links to cellulite. Stress levels are known to release hormones that restrict fat loss, possibly making cellulite worse.
    Lifestyle is clearly a massive factor. Unfortunately for many ladies, fashion also seems to play a part! Women who wear excessively tight clothing and high-heeled shoes are apparently at a high risk of developing cellulite at some stage. I can think of quite a few glamour models who must be scared stiff at the news…
    How Can Cellulite Be Treated?
    If you read spa brochures, magazine articles and cosmetic store information, you will believe cellulite can be treated by a whole host of weird and wonderful methods- anything from massage to plastic surgery. I have even seen adverts for special ‘skin-tightening’ cream. The truth is, there are hundreds of treatments costing anywhere from a few pounds all they way up to a few thousand pounds. They all seem to make the same claims, yet fail spectacularly when it comes to delivering results! There is not a single shred of scientific or medical evidence to suggest any of these treatments have any positive effects at all.
    The only real way to make healthy and long lasting changes to your cellulite is to tidy up your lifestyle and reduce your body fat. Nobody said this is a cure, but it certainly won’t hurt nor will it cost you hard-earned cash!
    In conclusion, to help your cellulite you require fewer toxins, more sleep, more water, more exercise and a healthy diet.
    Oh yeah- and flat shoes and baggy clothes.
    Actually, scrap that last one…

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  1. I think the top brands of cellulite products claim not to reduce cellulite but to “improve the appearance” of cellulite. I think they act more or less as a moisturiser to temporarily plump up the skin and thereby reduce the ‘orange peel’ look.

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