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Everyone’s an expert

Is there a person at your gym who constantly offers his unwanted advice? Learn how to deal with him here…
Everyone’s An Expert…

    Walk into any gym in the world and you will almost certainly hear a conversation about how you ‘should’ train. It seems everyone is an expert! This is fine when it comes to their own training, but these people dishing out advice to others is a potentially dangerous game. Even if the advice they give is safe, there are no guarantees that it is effective, which could mean wasted time, effort and money down the gym for the trainee.
    The problem with the abundance of information available now is that anyone can read a magazine or book, and suddenly they believe they have the answer to every problem and the best exercise for every muscle. In truth, you can read every book, magazine, website and journal, but you can’t read experience. It doesn’t come neatly-typed, leather-bound and available in all good book stores for just £14.99. You just don’t see first-hand what different training methods do to the body from reading training books. You have to develop that experience through dealing with clients day after day for a number of years. Experience doesn’t come quickly or easily- that’s why it is so valuable.
    It seems every gym has at least one ‘Mr Incredible’. Typically a big bloke, he spends two hours a day in the gym, commenting on everyone else’s training rather than concentrating on his own. Interestingly for an ‘expert’ he appears to have a similar body fat percentage to an Arctic mammal. Mr Incredible is quick to offer his advice, despite the fact it was not asked for in the first place. You wouldn’t mind the occasional intrusion, if he actually looked good and had something useful to say.
    Basing his training on outdated old-school methods, he has been doing the same few routines for a couple of decades. He probably gulps a mixture of 10 raw eggs and a pint of milk for breakfast, because ‘you need loads of protein to put on muscle’. He bought a few magazines 20 years ago, and that taught him ‘everything he needs to know’ about training. Despite massive advances in Sport and Exercise Science over the years, he has been blissfully ignorant of any new developments.
    When viewed from head-height, Mr Incredible is pretty big, more through luck than judgement. Look down; he will have a big chest and a beer gut. Continue further and you will see his whole upper body mass is precariously balanced on pins so skinny they would make a sparrow blush. It is a marvel of structural engineering that legs so thin could support even a normal-sized body, never mind a bona-fide Mr Incredible.
    So what should you do when Mr Incredible interrupts you and offers his advice? First of all don’t be rude, chances are he weighs close to a metric tonne, and you certainly don’t want him sitting on you should he take your rejection badly. Broken ribs and a punctured lung hurt. You want the only suitable and permanent way to finally rid yourself of Mr Incredible’s advances?
    Tell him you take all of your fitness advice from http://www.total-fit.co.uk of course…..

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