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I Just Love Technology

The trials and tribulations of building a website…

    As I write this article, Tony and I are still in the process of putting the site, its content and the design together. The fact you are now reading it shows that somehow, we managed to successfully upload my inane ramblings onto the information superhighway (that’s geek-speak for the internet, if you happen to be a technology Muppet, like myself). Rest assured, from my part it was not without its obstacles.
    I like simple things, you know, like when you organise your broadband connection, it works first time. I was supposed to be connected on the 23rd May 2007. I hadn’t heard anything from my Internet Service Provider, so I called them. I was told by a woman named Paula (who was far too cheery for someone who must get shouted at all day) that broadband connection had suffered ‘an unfortunate delay’. Unfortunate? You got that one right my dear Paula, it is unfortunate…. ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU ARE TRYING TO BUILD A WEBSITE!
    At the earliest my connection will complete on the 6th of June, a delay of 15 days. To add insult to injury, they were going to charge me for a fortnight during which I have not had a broadband connection! Not on my watch, Paula, no chance. I can be pretty stupid at times, but woes betide the fool who tries to take my money without consent. They can bank on seeing the business end of a hissy fit should they partake in such moronic activity.
    Another example of technology failing me is highlighted with my mobile phone; For two months running my mobile phone company have over-charged me somewhere in the region of £10,000,000,000 (more or less). Basically, despite the fact that I am allowed 500 ‘free’ texts per month, they have charged me for EVERY message I have sent over both months. I phoned them and told them the first time they did it, and they credited the money back. The second month of over-charging took world-class ineptitude to pull off. This means I had to make the same call for a second month running to get money back from them. I am looking forward to my next bill with anticipation just to see if I have to make the call I love so much. If the phone call didn’t involve being sat on hold for 15 minutes, listening to the Lighthouse Family and being reminded every 30 seconds that you are a valued customer, I might be able to face doing it without crying for half an hour first. Forget the electric chair; being on hold to a major company is more than enough punishment for any crime.
    In the mean time I will have to endure these phone calls as BT and my Internet Service Provider blame each other for the hold up. It is down to me to do all of the running around trying to sort out their problem! If I didn’t want the broadband connection so urgently in order to get this project off the ground I would be OK with letting them squabble and take their time. Time is not on my side in this instance though.
    Knowing all the pain and suffering I have gone through in order to provide you with this content, I hope you appreciate it and make it worth the while! Buy your goods through the site links and spread the word! Make this site the most well known health and fitness site in the world!

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