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The Importance of Sleep

The Importance of Sleep: not something to be underestimated…

    Since taking on the project of building the world’s finest fitness web site, I have discovered the importance of sleep. It is widely accepted in the scientific community that sleep is fairly important to the human body. Without it, scientists believe we would struggle somewhat. I once read that in ancient Rome a common torture method was to remove the victims’ eyelids, meaning they could not sleep. Apart from the agony of having skin cut off and the eye losing its ability to self-clean, the victim would not be able to sleep so eventually died of madness and exhaustion. It sounds lovely.
    I have had a long day today- 14 hours at work, followed by the unenviable task of writing and editing a set of informative documents for you, my public. This length of time spent working is not uncommon for me during these early website days. Don’t feel sorry for me though, I could quit my job, go on the dole and not write this stuff, but it is a labour of love and I would rather earn my money rather than take it from the state, even if it means working these long days.
    The problem with this workload is not necessarily how much of it there is, more how long it actually takes to do. I can’t do it at work, as I am very busy, but even so I am being paid by someone to work for them, not myself. I do my website work here, at home. I want the content to be worthwhile and informative, which often means long days and little sleep. Surviving on 5 hours sleep per night may have been suitable for Margaret Thatcher (although personally I think if she had a bit of extra kip she may have done a decent job), but it is not enough for me. Allow me provide you with my reasoning…
    When I woke up this morning, I trawled through my usual routine- I showered, shaved, brushed my teeth and went to get dressed. I then went to moisturise my face, as I am prone to skin drier than the Sahara during a drought. To my dismay my moisturiser seemed to be a tad thicker than usual. Undeterred, I carried on rubbing it into my chops without success. I looked down at my hands and only then did I realise I had not been rubbing moisturising cream into my face; I had actually been forcefully applying hair wax to my skin. At least my skin would be provided with ‘a textured look and the ability to re-style without re-applying’. Maybe I could re-style my face into Brad Pitt’s and make some real money…
    Later on, I went to the shop to buy some food. After carefully selecting my items (based on their nutritional value of course) I placed them down on the counter. After the girl on the till scanned each item and totalled the amount, I reached into my pocket and realised I had left my wallet at work. Fool. I must have been her favourite person in the world right then.
    Tonight, after arriving home from work I decided caffeine would help me stay alert enough to write a half-interesting article. I put the coffee and sugar into my mug, and then proceeded to pour milk into the kettle. I only realised when I poured boiling milk from the kettle instead of water.
    A quick look in the mirror revealed my eyes are darker than those of a lifelong heroin addict. I am really tired, but my dedication means I will only go to bed as soon as I have finished this blog entr…..

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